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Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference

Welcome to the world’s largest university-led conference on Fintech and Blockchain!

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Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference

Conference, Workshops, Keynote Speakers & Panels, Hackathon, Networking Drinks Sessions & Dinner

The Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference is the largest university-led blockchain and financial technology conference in the world. It attracts top-tier university talent in addition to professionals, from all over Europe and beyond and features top founders and leaders from companies such as Monzo, Adyen and Coinbase, Mastercard, Accenture and many others.


The 2024 edition of our trademark Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference will be even larger scale with some of the most exciting companies in the space as well as the brightest and most ambitious students around Europe. It will be held in March 2024 in London, and will focus on developments in Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies and Fintech. The Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference tries to teach, connect and push continuous innovation to the future generation of leaders to achieve a safer and more responsible financial environment. It aims at debunking the myths about cryptocurrencies and raising awareness about the career opportunities that exist.

We seek to add value so that you come away from the conference having learned a great deal, made excellent contacts and been inspired. We are back and 2024’s edition is bigger and better than ever before!

The conference will reflect on topics such as:

Challenger Banks


Alternative Investing

Blockchain Applications


Smart Contracts


Regulatory Implications

Starting out your own ventures and the challenges for young entrepreneurs

The day is designed to provide you with a holistic industry overview and through an action-packed series of keynote talks and presentations, panel discussions, workshops, lively debates, a pitching competition and networking sessions you will be exposed to the full Fintech & Blockchain spectrum. Food and refreshments will be provided.

This premier conference and hackathon is brought to you by the following leading UK universities: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, UCL, LSE, KCL, QMUL, Warwick and LBS.

Join us for an invaluable opportunity to network with industry leaders, visionaries and talented professionals. This conference is the largest university-led Fintech & Blockchain event in the world and will be a fantastic opportunity to learn, connect and get involved with revolutionary projects and cutting-edge technologies that challenge the way the financial system, as well as many industries, operate today.

Are you looking for a challenge? Do you want to get involved in something that will be as big of an impact as the Internet itself? Interested in getting exposed to the most daunting problem faced by industry and to the brightest challenger solutions?

Do not miss out on the largest Fintech & Blockchain conference for unparalleled discussion with exceptional speakers!

Tickets are incredible value and are expected to sell out soon so do not miss out on this excellent opportunity!

Why attend?

The Revolution of Money has already started and London is one of the places that's leading it!

The Revolution of Money has already started and London is one of the places that’s leading it! As the present boom in Fintech continues to be as much an opportunity as it is a threat for the financial services industry, we are bringing together the people who are making things happen at the very forefront of this powerful and emerging wave of business. They are the pioneering people and companies harnessing the power of these technologies, taking on and shaking up archaic business models, creating innovative and disruptive products and services and traversing borders.

With an increasingly polarised geopolitical world looming on the horizon, continuing predictions for rapid growth in the Fintech space and the seismic shifts taking place in financial services across the planet, the Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference provides an opportunity for the evaluation of the current state of the market, the exchange of ideas and possible solutions to the challenges lying ahead and through much debate, the exploration of what the future of Fintech may hold. We are making a key contribution to this exciting dialogue – join us so you can stay ahead of the game!

After the financial crisis of 2008 and the corresponding onslaught of regulation in the financial services industry, Fintech has enjoyed a meteoric rise, becoming one of the fastest growing and changing sectors worldwide. It plays a dominant role in changing the future world of finance and indeed our planet as a whole.

In this one day extravaganza, we are bringing together and shining a spotlight on the leaders of this revolution and are celebrating the most disruptive players and most groundbreaking companies. Discover those at the forefront of the mass overhaul of traditional businesses models, processes and systems through technology that is currently taking place.

Fintech and Blockchain are today in a state of evolution – the GFBC acts as part crystal ball and part rear view-mirror – you do not want to miss out!


BlockHack24 Hackathon

After the success of our last edition, we are aiming to make the conference even more interactive, by organising a big hackathon the weekend before, the winners of which will be awarded monetary prizes and a chance to pitch for support investment from leading venture capitalists on stage of GFBC 2024!

Previous edition's speakers & schedule

Please see the keynotes and panelists below along with the agenda from our previous edition:

  • Stefan


    Head of FinTech and General Partner - SpeedInvest and Board Member - N26, Loot, Curve

  • Jason


    Deputy CEO – 11:FS and Co-founder - Monzo & Starling Bank

  • Diana


    Head of Digital Innovation - HSBC

  • Vinay


    CEO - Mattereum and Co-launched Ethereum and Dubai's National Blockchain Strategy

  • Jorn


    President of Digital Solutions (Global Head of Digital) and sits on Management Committee - Mastercard

  • Christoph


    CEO - Iwoca

  • Ajit


    Partner - ConsenSys and Co-founder - PwC’s UK Blockchain Practice

  • David E


    Founder and Managing Partner - R3

  • John


    Managing Director, Global Blockchain Lead - Accenture

  • Jeremy


    Vice President of EU Strategic Accounts - Ripple

  • Neil


    Founder & CEO - Crypton AI

  • Ollie


    Founder & CEO - Loot

  • Marta


    Director of Ecosystem - Hyperledger

  • Shachar


    Founder & CEO - Curve

  • Tony


    General Director - Emerging Payments Association

  • Iqbal


    CEO (UK) - eToro

  • Ben


    Managing Partner - Breega Capital

  • Richard


    Partner - Fabric VC

  • Adi


    CEO – AppliedBlockchain

  • Shane


    Co-founder - SVK Crypto

  • Christer


    CEO - Divido

  • Justin


    Co-founder & CEO - Duedil

  • Max


    CEO - Finimize

  • Max


    Founder & CEO - Fraugster

  • Anna


    CEO - Distributed Academy and Nitechain

  • Andrea


    Founding Partner & CEO - Eterna Capital

  • Marta Diana


    Co-founder & CEO - Suade

  • Andrew


    Business Development - Coinbase

If you would like to speak at the conference as a keynote speaker, judge startup pitches or partake in one of our panels and workshops please get in touch with us by emailing contact@globalfintechandblockchainconference.com.

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This premier conference and hackathon is brought to you by the following leading UK university societies: The Oxford Guild, Imperial College EESoc, UCL Investment Society, Cambridge Guild, UCL Guild and LBS Entrepreneurship

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